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Consortium Agreement Terms

  1. “CONS” units will be added to your registration.  Do NOT drop these units.
  2. UA scholarships and tuition awards require ALL classes be taken at UA.  Students receiving outside or Native American scholarships must obtain permission from the donor to take non-UA classes.
  3. If you will be charged less than the maximum tuition/registration due to reduced UA enrollment, your grants will be cancelled or reduced according to UA policy by the same amount the UA tuition/registration is reduced.
  4. For the class the class to be acceptable for the consortium agreement, it must be transferable and you must pass with a “C” or better. To verify if courses have been accepted, refer to the transfer credit report on UAccess Student Center. Classes that are not successfully transferred will not count towards your academic year units. 
  5. Students who are not enrolled in at least 6 UA units must provide a personal statement explaining why they are requesting the University of Arizona to administer their financial aid rather than another institution. 
  6. The University of Arizona will award your financial aid.  Federal financial aid cannot be received from the visiting institution. 
  7. The student is responsible for paying the visiting institution’s classes. Temporary loans are available if your financial aid exceeds your UA charges. 
  8. You must enroll at UA and the other Title IV institution for the combined total number of units in which you were awarded financial aid as listed on your award notification. Audit and correspondence courses do not count.
  9. Notify OSFA of any changes in enrollment at either institution.  In the event of withdrawal from any or all classes, you may be responsible for repayment of financial aid received according to The University of Arizona Return of Federal Aid Policy.
    *Pell, ACG and SMART Grants are directly linked to your financial need and attendance level.  If you drop a class on or before the first session day, or if you never attend a class, you may be required to repay all or part of your grant.
  10. Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as outlined by The University of Arizona Academic Progress Standards.
  11. To include Study Abroad Program expenses in your cost of attendance, attach a copy of the program brochure or Study Abroad Financial Aid Worksheet. Non-UA study abroad students must also complete a transfer credit pre-approval form from your academic advisor and submit program expenses to OSFA.
  12. Consult with your academic advisor to determine how these units will apply to your degree program.
  13. Units from the visiting institution transfer; the grades do not.
Print a Consortium Agreement and instructions
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