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Financial Aid Forms

All forms requested by the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid (OSFA) are listed below.

Some forms are available for multiple academic years. Be sure to select the form with the correct academic year. To confirm the appropriate academic year for which you must submit forms and/or documentation, navigate UAccess Student Center To- Do List and review the "details".

Form and Document Submission Instructions:

Forms and/or documentation requested by OSFA may be submitted via email, U.S mail, fax or in-person. Follow the instructions below when submitting forms and/or documentation to ensure your submission is received by OSFA and processed in a timely manner.

Please note that the original documentation must be submitted in person to satisfy any Citizenship and Immigration requirements. For students (and/or parents) who are unable to appear in person to present their documents, you must complete the 2015-2016 Certification of Original Documents form (form #14 under the Forms for Students section below). You may mail a hard copy of your document(s) and the form to OSFA at the mailing address listed on the form, or email an electronic image of your original document(s) and the form to NOTE: We are unable to accept these documents by fax.

  • Include your (student) name and your 8-digit Student ID number on each page of the form and/or document prior to submission.
  • Allow up to three business days for the Student Center To-Do Item status* to be updated to reflect receipt of the form and/or documentation.
  • If the form(s) and/or documentation submitted is insufficient for any reason, the To-Do Item status* will be updated to reflect an insufficient status and you will be sent an email from our office with additional information to continue processing.
  • All emails are sent to your (student) UA email account.

*For a complete list of all To-Do List statuses, visit:

Submitting via Email:

Forms and/or documents submitted to OSFA via email must be submitted per the following instructions in order to be reviewed by OSFA.

  1. Address email to
  2. Subject Line of email must include:
    • Name of the Form and/or documentation attached and
    • Student ID number
      Example: Student Resource Re-Evaluation, 23456789
  3. The body of the email should be left blank.
    • Questions or information listed in the body of the email will not be reviewed or responded to. Send a separate email with no attachment to with information and/or questions to receive a response from our office.
  4. Acceptable attachment formats:
    • PDF - preferred
    • Microsoft Word - accepted

      Any attachments that are not saved using Microsoft Word or PDF format will not be accepted.
  5. If you are submitting more than one attachment:
    • The subject line of the email should follow step 2 above. One document/form name is sufficient , there is no need to list all forms and/or documents submitted in one email.
            i.  If one form and/or document has multiple pages(i.e., Parent Certification for Non Non-Filing):
      • Save all pages as one Microsoft Word or PDF file
           ii.  If you are submitting multiple forms and/ or documents (i.e Parent Certification for Non-Filing and Student Cost of Attendance Re-Evaluation):
      • Submit each form and/or document as a separate attachment. Multiple page forms and/documents should be sent as one attachment.

U.S Mail:

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Administration Building, Room 208
P O Box 210066
Tucson, AZ 85721-0066



Please note that OSFA does not send fax receipt confirmations even if requested by the sender. Confirmation of forms/and or documents submitted to OSFA appear in your Student Center To-Do Item list with the To-Do item statuses.

For a complete list of all To-Do List statuses, visit:


Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Administration Building, Room 208, Map:

You can submit forms and/or documents using the secure drop box located in the lobby or check in at the Kiosk (take a number) and wait for a Client Services representative to assist you.

Forms for Students

Verification Forms

  1. 2015-2016 Student Certification for Non-Filing
    2016-2017 Student Certification for Non-Filing
    For those students who did not file a Federal Income Tax Return.

  2. 2015-2016 Student Tax Filing Worksheet 
    2016-2017 Student Tax Filing Worksheet 
  3. 2015-2016 Student Foreign Tax Form
    2016-2017 Student Foreign Tax Form
  4. Student Child Support Paid Verification Worksheet 2015-2016
  5. Student SNAP Verification Worksheet 2015-2016
  6. 2015-2016 Household Information Clarification Worksheet
    2016-2017 Household Information Clarification Worksheet
  7. 2015-2016 Dependency Verification Worksheet
    2016-2017 Dependency Verification Worksheet
  8. 2015-2016 Unaccompanied or Homeless Youth Verification
    2016-2017 Unaccompanied or Homeless Youth Verification
  9. 2015-2016 Unusual Enrollment History Verification Form
    2016-2017 Unusual Enrollment History Verification Form
    A student may be flagged for “Unusual Enrollment History Review” by the U.S. Department of Education because they received Federal Pell Grant funds at multiple education institutions during the review period (2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 academic years). This flag requires the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) to review the student’s enrollment history during the review period. If requested, a student may submit this form to provide additional information regarding their circumstances.
  10. 2015-2016 Unusual Enrollment History Appeal Form
    2016-2017 Unusual Enrollment History Appeal Form
    A student who is no longer eligible for federal or institutional financial aid due to Unusual Enrollment History may appeal this status after completing a semester at UA with at least half-time enrollment (6 graded units undergraduate/5 graded units graduate) using their own resources. The outcome of this appeal will depend on the student demonstrating academic progress. The submission of an appeal does not guarantee the reinstatement of financial aid eligibility. In the event that this appeal is not approved, the student will be ineligible for federal and institutional aid
  11. 2015-2016 V4 Custom Verification Worksheet
    2016-2017 V4 Custom Verification Worksheet​
  12. 2015-2016 V5 Aggregate Verification Worksheet 
    2016-2017 V5 Aggregate Verification Worksheet​

  13. 2015-2016 Family Household Resources Verification Worksheet 
    2016-2017 V6 Family Household Resources Verification Worksheet 

  14. 2015-2016 Certification of Original Documents
    2016-2017 Certification of Original Documents

    Special Circumstances Forms

  15.  2015-2016 Student Resource Re-Evaluation
     2016-2017 Student Resource Re-Evaluation 
      Used to report changes in Student's income or assets since filing FAFSA. For changes in Parent's income or assets, see Forms for Parents section below

  16.  2015-2016 Petition for Dependency Override
     2016-2017 Petition for Dependency Override
     To be declared an independent student based on extenuating circumstances

  17.  2015-2016 FAFSA Parental Data Override
     2016-2017 FAFSA Parental Data Override
     This form documents the lack of parental data on the FAFSA in order for a student to qualify for Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loans. Submit completed form with the required      documentation to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA).

  18. 2015-2016 Cost of Attendance (Budget) Re-Evaluation
    2016-2017 Cost of Attendance (Budget) Re-Evaluation 
    Student reports educational items not already included in respective yearly budgets.

  19. Spring 2016 Consortium Agreement 
    Summer 2016 Consortium Agreement 

    Used to increase your units at UA by including transferable units taken at another university or college. Depending on the types of financial aid you were offered, you may not be able to utilize a Consortium Agreement. Click the link to determine your eligibility and print the form. 

  20. Waiver for Noncustodial PROFILE 

  21. Graduate Non-Degree Seeking Federal Financial Aid Petition 
    Only for pending graduate students currently in non-degree status.

  22. Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form
    US Department of Education regulations require students to maintain satisfactory progress towards a degree or certificate. A student who is no longer eligible for federal or institutional financial aid due to a failure to meet satisfactory academic progress standards and who has been placed in Financial Aid Suspension may appeal this status.

  23. Health Professions Loan Program Application
    This is a supplemental form required by pharmacy students for a special loan program. The 2015-2016 application is now available through the above link. The Health Professions Loan will not be awarded to eligible applicants until November 2015.

  24. TEACH Grant Application

  25. Loan Discharge-Disability Verification Form

  26. TPD Loan Discharge Form

  27. VA Loan Disability Discharge Verification Form

  28. 2015-2016 General Appeal Form
    2016-2017 General Appeal Form 
    Students at the University of Arizona have the right to appeal any decision that was made by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) by completing and submitting this form to   this office. By submitting this form, after exploring all other alternatives, you are asking that your case be reviewed again by a financial aid counselor; however, any decisions made after the appeal are final.

Forms for Parents

Verification Forms

  1. 2015-2016 Parent Certification for Non-Filing
    2016-2017 Parent Certification for Non-Filing
    For those parent(s) who did not file a Federal Income Tax Return.
  2. 2015-2016 Parent Tax Filing Worksheet
    2016-2017 Parent Tax Filing Worksheet
  3. 2015-2016 Parent Foreign Tax Form
    2016-2017 Parent Foreign Tax Form
  4. Parent Child Support Paid Verification Worksheet 2015-2016
  5. Parent SNAP Verification Worksheet 2015-2016

Special Circumstances Forms

  1. 2015-2016 Parent Resource Re-Evaluation
    2016-2017 Parent Resource Re-Evaluation
    Used to report changes in Parent’s income or assets since filing FAFSA. For changes in Student’s income or assets, see Forms for Students section above.

Scholarship Forms

  1. Scholarship Designation Form
    Used by scholarship donors to send with checks for specific students.
  2. Tuition Scholarship Deferment
    Used to request a review in order to preserve a semester or academic year use of your award eligibility for non-enrollment at the UA.
  3. Tuition Scholarship Appeal
    Used when extenuating circumstances have stopped your scholarship from being renewed.  Arizona Assurance students please see below.
  4. Arizona Assurance Funding Appeal
    Used when extenuating circumstances have stopped your Arizona Assurance Funding from being renewed or when you have not been selected for Arizona Assurance but have experienced extenuating circumstances.
  5. Arizona Assurance Scholarship Deferment Request
    Used to request a deferment of your Arizona Assurance Funding.
  6. Arizona Assurance Housing Appeal
    The deadline to submit the Housing Appeal for Spring 2016 is February 1st. Used to request additional Arizona Assurance funding if your housing status has changed.

Commonly Requested Forms

  1. Federal Work Study Job Application for OSFA
    For students interested in applying for FWS openings in our office.
  2. Authorization for Release of Information
    This form allows a student to grant access to a third party, such as a parent not listed on the FAFSA, to receive information regarding their Educational Records.
  3. Qualified Tuition Reduction Program
    Available through Human Resources, Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) program that enables eligible individuals to enroll in courses of study at reduced registration fees.
  4. Study Abroad Financial Aid Worksheet
    (Also called Estimated Cost Worksheet)  This form will allow the costs associated with your Study Abroad Program to taken into account for financial aid purposes.
  5. Residency classification
    Used to obtain resident status for tuition purposes
  6. Verification of Enrollment Form
    This form can be utilized to verify enrollment for a servicer/lender or third party.
  7. In-School Deferment Request
    Submit this Request to the Registrar's office, Administration Bldg 2nd Floor.
  8. Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification
  • Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, P.O. Box 210066, Tucson, AZ 85721
  • Phone: 520.621.1858
  • Fax: 520.621.9473