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Arizona Assurance Scholars Program

What GPA from high school does Arizona Assurance look at for consideration?

UA requires an earned minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0 in required core academic courses from the first six semesters of high school. More information regarding core academic courses can be found at Semesters 7 and 8 (your senior year) will not be considered in the GPA requirement for the Arizona Assurance Scholars Program. To view all other eligibility criteria for the 2017-2018 Arizona Assurance Cohort, please review:

How will I be notified if I will receive an Arizona Assurance Scholars financial aid package?

You will receive a financial aid award letter which will detail your financial aid for the academic year. Freshmen will receive an email and letter through the mail specifying the selection or conditional selection for Arizona Assurance; continuing students will receive an email by the end of the summer each year after all renewal criteria has been confirmed.

You can view your financial aid award letter in your UAccess Student Center anytime once you are notified via email that you have been selected, conditionally selected or renewed for continued funding. 

Is there a deadline for submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?

Yes, incoming freshman students are required to complete the FAFSA by January 31st of their senior year in high school in order to meet initial Arizona Assurance Program consideration criteria. Continuing Arizona Assurance students must complete the FASFA by March 1st of each year in order to meet Arizona Assurance Program Funding renewal requirements. If the FAFSA is not submitted by these deadlines, students will not be eligible for Arizona Assurance funding.

Continuing Arizona Assurance students must submit any necessary FAFSA corrections to no later than May 1st for Arizona Assurance funding renewal purposes only. 

The deadlines listed here are only for Arizona Assurance funding and institutional grant aid consideration. Students may submit the 2018-2019 FAFSA anytime between October 1, 2017 and June 30, 2019 to apply for federal financial aid. 

Can I delay enrollment at the UA beyond my high school graduation and still be considered for the Arizona Assurance Scholars Program?

No. You will not be eligible for future participation in the program. You must enroll full-time at the UA in the fall semester immediately following your high school graduation.

How do I maintain Arizona Assurance Funding for future years?

Arizona Assurance funding can be renewed for up to eight, consecutive semesters granted you meet all renewal criteria, each academic year. Be sure you review all renewal criteria, including important dates and deadlines to ensure you are renewed for Arizona Assurance funding. 

If I have previously become ineligible for Arizona Assurance funding, but currently meet all other criteria, can I regain my Arizona Assurance funding?

No. If you have not met the renewal criteria and have become ineligible for Arizona Assurance Program funding, you will not be able to regain Arizona Assurance funding in future terms even if you meet all other criteria. You will continue to remain eligible for Arizona Assurance Program services.

If extenuating personal circumstances beyond your control prevented you from meeting all renewal criteria, you may submit the Arizona Assurance Funding Appeal. Please see the question pertaining to appeals later in this document for more information. You must appeal the loss of the Arizona Assurance Program Funding the year it occurs.

Example, if you failed to complete all program requirements during the 2016-2017 academic year and were not renewed for 2017-2018 funding, you must appeal no later than the first day of fall 2017 classes. 

Even if you become ineligible for Arizona Assurance Program funding, you are still encouraged to file the FAFSA by March 1st each year for institutional grant funding consideration. This is a priority deadline for institutional grant awarding purposes only. 

Are Arizona Assurance Scholars eligible for the Consortium Agreement?

No. Arizona Assurance Scholars must be enrolled in at least 12 UA units to receive Arizona Assurance funding each semester and are therefore not eligible for the Consortium Agreement.

Are Arizona Assurance Scholars allowed to take classes at another institution during the academic year?

Yes; however, Arizona Assurance Scholars must enroll in at least 12 units each semester at the UA. When enrolled in 12 units at UA and additional units at another institution, a Consortium Agreement is not needed.

What is “on-campus work”?

On-campus work represents academic year earnings either through the Federal Work Study Program or other campus jobs. In both categories of employment, you will receive a bi-weekly paycheck from your employer. Your bi-weekly paycheck should be used to supplement any educational or living expenses incurred throughout the semester. 

Why does Arizona Assurance recommend students to work an on-campus job?

Research shows that students who work a reasonable number of hours while they are in college tend to get better grades and are more likely to stay in school. On-campus work also provides valuable work experience and helps students integrate into the University as their job helps them get to know faculty and staff. This also reduces potential borrowing needs.

How will I find an on-campus job?

You can look for on-campus jobs through Handshake through Career Services. It is strongly recommended to establish personal contact and follow up on your application. We also suggest you apply to non-work study positions.

I am having a hard time finding a work-study job and the expiration date is soon. What should I do?

Continue to apply for work-study jobs through Handshake. You should also request an extension to your Federal Work Study expiration date by contacting the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Can I still receive Arizona Assurance funding if I participate in a UA Study Abroad program or the National Student Exchange Program?

Yes. After completion of your first year at UA you may participate in a Study Abroad or the NSE program. 

  1. National Student Exchange (NSE) students who select Plan B may use Arizona Assurance funding toward their UA tuition charges through the Bursar account.
  2. National Student Exchange (NSE) students who select Plan A may not use Arizona Assurance funding during semester(s) on the program. However, students on a UA National Student Exchange program, who are meeting the Arizona Assurance renewal criteria, will receive automatic funding deferments from OSFA. 
  3. Students may not use Arizona Assurance funding if studying abroad or on an International Student Exchange. However, students on a UA-Sponsored Study Abroad program, who are meeting the renewal criteria, will receive automatic funding deferments from OSFA. 
  4. Students on non-UA-sponsored study abroad programs must have an approved Arizona Assurance Deferment Request from OSFA

If you are considering participating in one of these programs, it is strongly recommended that you visit the Study Abroad web page or the National Student Exchange web page for additional information.

Does Arizona Assurance provide any other services?

Yes, the University provides an academic support system to help you succeed in making the transition to college life and succeed in your classes. You will be offered excellent resources to help you, such as career counseling, faculty/staff mentors, peer mentors and advisors. For more information on the program expectations please visit

What happens if I drop a class during the semester?

In order to maintain Arizona Assurance Scholars Program funding eligibility, you must complete 24 units by the end of each academic year.  If dropping a class during the semester causes you to complete LESS than 24 units during the academic year (fall, winter, spring, and summer semesters), you will lose future Arizona Assurance Program funding the following academic year. Dropping a class during the semester will affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status and could cause your Federal Pell Grant to be adjusted based on your enrollment changes.

If you are considering dropping a class, you should also speak with your Academic Advisor. To find your advisor visit:

What happens if I completely withdraw from all my classes?

In addition to potentially losing future Arizona Assurance funding for not meeting all renewal requirements which include completion of 24 units per academic year,  federal regulations requires financial aid to be awarded under the assumption that you will attend the institution for the entire period in which federal assistance was awarded. Unless you complete 60% of the term in which federal aid was awarded, you will be required to return all or part of the financial aid released to your Bursar’s Account for that term. This applies to students who have officially (including medical), or unofficially withdrawn. Complete withdrawals will also affect your SAP status. For more information about how a withdrawal affects financial aid, you may visit our Withdrawals Webpage.


If you are considering a complete withdrawal, you should also speak with your Academic Advisor and an Arizona Assurance staff member. To find your Academic Advisor visit:

Am I required to accept the loan(s) offered to me?

No. You are never required to accept the loan(s) you have been offered. The loans(s) on your financial aid award letter are offers only. You may choose to accept all or part of your loan offers. If you do not want to accept a loan, no action is required on your account.

How do I accept all of part of the loan(s) offered to me?

To accept all or part of your loan(s), visit the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid loan web page. You must complete all steps to receive your loan(s). The loan amount you accept is split into two disbursements. You will receive half in the fall and half in the spring semester. Note, the split disbursements do not apply to fall only or spring only students.

Is there a deadline to accept my loan(s)?

Yes. You must accept your loan(s) before the last day of the fall semester if you are a December graduate. If you are attending both fall and spring semesters, you must accept your loan(s) before the last day of the spring semester. Refer to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid website for additional loan information.

How and when do I apply for summer financial aid?

While there is no Arizona Assurance funding offered during the summer sessions, you may be eligible for federal and institutional aid. There is no summer application to apply for summer aid but you must meet certain eligibility criteria to be awarded summer financial aid. Review the Summer Aid webpage here for more details. Review this information early as OSFA will start awarding summer financial aid in early April.

Am I required to notify you if my housing status has changed?

Yes. You should correct your housing status on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and OSFA will continue processing your request. 

How do I appeal a decision about my Arizona Assurance Program funding?

Students may appeal a decision about the Arizona Assurance Program funding by submitting the Arizona Assurance Program Funding Appeal Form, a personal statement and any supporting documentation to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA). Your appeal will be reviewed by the Arizona Assurance Program Appeal Committee.

Generally, appeals based on financial-need will not be considered. Appeals that are generally considered are application process issues or extenuating circumstances such as serious medical emergencies or a death in the family.

Completed appeals must be submitted to OSFA by all stated deadlines

Is there someone I can contact if I have more questions about Arizona Assurance Program expectations?

Yes. You may contact the Arizona Assurance Scholars Program Office at 520.626.3656, or  

Is there someone I can contact if I have more questions about financial aid?

Yes. You may contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at or 520.621.1858.

If I take a semester off can I return to UA and receive AZA funding?

Renewal requirements for AZA require continuous enrollment unless you have an approved deferment.

The Arizona Assurance Deferment form may be submitted for extenuating circumstances and will be reviewed by the Arizona Assurance appeal committee. 

* All FAFSA deadlines listed on this page are for Arizona Assurance Program consideration or renewed funding, not for federal financial aid awarding purposes. The 2017-2018 FAFSA can be completed at any point between October 1, 2016 and June 30, 2018; however, March 1, 2017 is the institutional grant funding priority deadline. 
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