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How much of your future monthly income can you afford to pay each month to finance your college education now?

This is a simple chart designed to help you determine how much you can afford to borrow to finance your education.  In order to do this, select an amount in the left column that reflects the monthly amount you  can afford to pay.  This monthly payment will allow you to roughly repay the corresponding total loan amount by paying 120 equal consecutive installments. This chart should be used as a helpful guide. There is another more detailed calculator at

How much can you afford to pay monthly?

You can borrow this total amount $___ at 6.8%.















































Note: You can use $10,000 as a base to determine your monthly payment amount if your monthly payment amount is not listed.  For example, $123.99 multiplied by 5 would equal a total of $50,000 you could borrow with monthly payments of about $620.

Tips for determining how much you can afford to borrow:

  • List all your projected monthly expenses against your projected monthly income to determine how much Stafford loan payment you can afford monthly.
  • Locate the payment you can afford to pay in the left hand column, divide the total loan amount in the right column by the number of years your student will take to complete a degree. This will give you the total amount you can borrow each year.

Benefits of this plan:

  • Payments will be predictable over the life of the loan.
  • You will actually have a college education borrowing plan.
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