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Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Accept

This is a loan borrowed by the parent on behalf of the student. The parent is the borrower and is solely responsible for repaying the loan. The loan repayment obligations cannot be transferred to the student. The student has no obligation, legal or otherwise to repay the loan. You are not required to borrow and may borrow less than the amount offered. You can request that disbursed funds be canceled and returned to the lender; however, any balance created by this request must be paid to the Bursar's Office in advance.

All financial aid awards are divided into two equal disbursements and paid to the student's account, half in the fall term and half in the spring term. Students must accept Federal Direct Loans before the end of the academic term for which they are registered. If students are not registered for the spring term, their federal loans must be accepted and processed before the end of the fall term.

Important Dates: Federal loans requested after these priority deadlines are subject to cancelation without notice.

  • December 12, 2014 is the final date to accept loans for December graduates and students not registered at UA for Spring 2015. In these cases, any loans accepted after December 12th are subject to cancelation without notice or your consent.
  • May 4, 2015 is the processing deadline for accepting 2014-2015 Federal Direct Loans for students attending Spring 2015.

UA determines your eligibility for the Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan and the Department of Education confirms your credit approval status

Additional information about the Parent PLUS loan, including loan rates, is available here.


Apply for a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan

Click here for a walk-through of how to complete the 3 Steps below 

Step 1 - Student Gives or Updates Parent Guest Access

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Your student needs to assign Guest Access to the parent(s) who will apply for the Parent PLUS Loan. For financial aid purposes, the parent(s) must be given the following level of access in the Financial Info section: View All, Make Payments, Parent PLUS Loan

Give Parent Guest Access

Update Parent Guest Access

  1. Student logs into their UAccess Student Center and clicks "Guest Manager" in the lower right corner
  2. Click Add New Guest
  3. Create "Guest Username", activate Guest Status and assign Guest Access Control in the Financial Info section to "View All Access, Make Payment, Parent PLUS Loan". After you save, a new user email will be sent to your parent

To give access to additional parent(s), repeat the steps above.

  1. Student logs into their UAccess Student Center and click "Guest Manager" in the lower right corner
  2. Select the applicable parent and edit the parent's Guest Access Control in the Financial Info section to "View All Access, Make Payment, Parent PLUS Loan". if needed.




Step 2 - Parent Applies for Parent PLUS Loan via Guest Access

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Note: Your student must be offered a Parent PLUS Loan to complete the application process.

Parent logs in to UAccess Guest Center. If this is your first time accessing Guest Center, review the new user email for your username and password.

  1. Navigate to the Financial tab and select Parent PLUS Loan Application at the bottom.
  2. Select the Award Period and enter your legal first and last name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth, then click "submit".
  3. Complete the Parent PLUS loan application and submit. NOTE: The "Accepted Amount" must be a whole dollar amount (no cents).


Step 3 - Parent Completes Master Promissory Note (MPN)

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Complete your Master Promissory Note (MPN)

If you completed a Master Promissory Note (MPN) with UA as the school since 2010, you do not need a new MPN.

You will need to complete a new MPN if:

  • No actual loan funds were borrowed within 12 months of signing.
  • Current MPN has expired and is no longer valid (MPN is only valid for ten years)
  • New Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan borrower at the UA.
  • First time Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan borrower at time UA for a different student.
  • Parents who were denied and were required to have an endorser in a previous year due to adverse credit. A MPN with an endorser is only valid for one loan. In these cases a new MPN and endorsement is required each time a Parent PLUS loan is requested. 


Requesting Additional Federal Direct Parent PLUS Funds

To request that an additional Parent PLUS Loan be offered to your student, you must contact our office at or 520.621.1858. If two different Parents intend to borrow a Parent PLUS loan for the student:

  • Contact our office and request that your student is offered two separate Parent PLUS loans (one for each parent)
  • Your student must provide each parent with separate Guest Access

Requesting Cancelation of  Your Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan

A written request (FAX: 520.621.9473, email: is required to reduce or cancel a Parent PLUS Loan. Any account balance created as a result of the reduction or cancelation of a disbursed loan must be repaid immediately.


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  • Phone: 520.621.1858
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