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The University of Arizona (UA) & the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) strive to offer a variety of financial aid opportunities to enable students to pursue an education at UA, including the following:

Steps to apply for Federal Financial Aid:

In order for the University of Arizona to review you for federal financial aid eligibility, you must first be admitted to UA. For more information about the UA Online admissions process, click here

You may begin the process of applying for federal student aid at any time, and it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the process first.  The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid has prepared an overview of the application in a quick, 5-minute video.  To view “How to Apply for Financial Aid for UA Online Students”, click here.

The Department of Education has a free tool called the FAFSA4caster that will help you understand your options for paying for college and estimate your eligibility for federal student aid.  To access the FAFSA4caster financial aid calculator, click here.

When you’re ready to proceed with the application for federal student aid at the UA, complete the steps below: 

Step 1: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

All applicants must file a FAFSA to be considered for federal aid options. A FAFSA is required to be completed for each academic year (fall-spring-summer). If you enroll in a program that begins in the summer, you must complete the prior year's FAFSA for summer financial aid, as well as the upcoming year's FAFSA to be awarded for the next academic year. 

The FAFSA is available on October 1 each year for the academic year that begins in the fall; UA's priority filing date is March 1 of each year. Students should submit their FAFSA by the priority filing date to ensure that they are offered their financial aid in a timely manner. Be sure to include UA's school code (001083) when you submit your FAFSA to avoid delays in the processing of your aid. For more information on submitting the FAFSA, click here.

Step 2: Review the National Student Loan Database (NSLDS)

Review NSLDS to determine the total amount of federal student loans and/or Federal Pell Grant you have already received. These totals impact your eligibility for Federal Direct Loans and Federal Pell Grant. The Department of Education sets annual and lifetime limits on these awards. Click here to login to NSLDS. You will need your FSA ID and password you used to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

For more information about the Federal Pell Grant Program and to review program limits, click here. For more information about Federal Direct Loans, click here. To review the annual and lifetime limits for Federal Direct Loans, click here

Step 3: Review the Student Aid Report (SAR)

The federal processor will send you a confirmation email including a link to your SAR after you have submitted your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You must review the SAR for accuracy and make any corrections according to the instructions. You may also view your SAR by clicking here. You will need your FSA ID and password used when you submitted your FAFSA.

In addition to reviewing the information for accuracy and making corrections, you should review the SAR Comments at the top of the SAR. SAR Comments will notify you if additional information is needed to continue processing the FAFSA, if required information is missing or incorrect, or if you are near, at, or exceeding your lifetime Federal Pell Grant and/or Federal Student Loan limits. 

Step 4: Monitor your UA email account and UAccess Student Center

You should monitor your UA email account ( and UAccess Student Center for up-to-date information, financial aid notifications, and requests from our office and other departments on campus. 

Viewing and Accepting Your Federal Student Aid

Once you’ve completed the application process for federal student aid and been admitted to a UA Online program, you’ll need to know how to view your aid package and accept your loans.  To view a short instructional video “How to View and Accept Your Financial Aid”, click here.

Financial Aid Basics

For a detailed overview of the financial aid process, click here.

Cost of Attendance (COA)

The estimated cost of attendance is one factor used to determine your total financial aid eligibility, and your combined financial aid cannot exceed this amount. Review the UA’s estimated cost of attendance by clicking here.

How Your Award is Calculated

UA Online undergraduate students have been assigned a full-time Cost of Attendance (COA) and been awarded with an assumption of full-time enrollment, which consists of 12 or more units per semester. If you will be enrolled in fewer than 12 units each semester, you are required to contact our office to confirm what your actual enrollment will be; your COA and financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.

UA Online graduate students have been assigned a full-time COA that assumes 6 units of enrollment per semester. If you are enrolled in more than 6 units each semester, you may contact our office to be reviewed for additional loan funds.

To learn more about how financial aid is calculated, click here.

Determining Your Remaining Federal Direct Loan Borrowing Eligibility

As part of the Federal Financial Aid application process, it is recommended that students review the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) (Step 2 listed above) to review the total Federal Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loans received. This assists the student in determining future eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loans. 

While reviewing NSLDS, students may use the Loan Calculator to assist students in determining remaining Federal Direct Loan borrowing eligibility and to estimate how many semesters of Federal Direct Loan borrowing the student has left. 

To access this calculator, click here

Financial Aid Policies

Eligibility for Financial Aid

For information about Financial Aid Eligibility, click here.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

While receiving federal student aid, you must meet SAP standards. To review the UA’s SAP Policy, click here.

Withdrawal Policy

An official or unofficial withdrawal will affect both your current and future financial aid eligibility as well as your personal finances. Review the Withdrawal and Return of Title IV Funds Policy by clicking here.

Financial Aid Inquiries

Financial Aid staff is available Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm to assist students with financial aid inquiries. We can be reached at or 520.621.1858, and we also welcome walk-ins in the lobby of the Administration Building on the main Tucson campus. Please be sure to include your 8-digit student ID number on all communications with our office so we are able to provide you with the most current available information regarding your financial aid.


  • Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, P.O. Box 210066, Tucson, AZ 85721
  • Phone: 520.621.1858
  • Fax: 520.621.9473