Consortium Agreement Policy

Consortium Agreement Policy

Federal regulations do not allow students to receive federal financial aid from two schools at the same time. By completing a consortium agreement, a student can attend the University of Arizona and another accredited school (referred to as the “visiting institution”) during the same semester and receive federal financial aid funding for the total combined units. This process most benefits Federal Pell Grant recipients who are enrolled in less than 12 units at Arizona.

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Description Submission Deadline 

Summer 2024 Consortium Agreement Form

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The submission deadline has passed.

The Fall 2024 Consortium Agreement will be available in July 2024.

Consortium Agreement Policy

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) will only consider approving a Consortium Agreement under the following conditions: 

  • Student is enrolled in at least 6 Arizona units,
  • A completed Consortium Agreement is submitted to OSFA by the deadline listed on the form,
  • Arizona equivalent class(es) are full. This must be verified by the Office of the Registrar, or
  • Class(es) are not offered through the University of Arizona.

Students who do not meet these conditions and have an extenuating circumstance must include a personal statement with their Consortium Agreement form submission for consideration.

Before Submitting Your Consortium Agreement to OSFA 

  • The following University of Arizona scholarships and institutional grant awards require full-time enrollment at Arizona. A consortium agreement will not be approved for students with these awards:
    • Merit-based tuition scholarships (see for awards applicable to your cohort year).
    • Arizona Assurance Grant
    • Arizona Promise Grant
    • Arizona Native Scholars Grant 
    • Achievement Award Grant
    • Earn to Learn Scholarship
    • Pell Pledge Grant
    • University Grant (minimum 6 units required in summer session)
    • Engineering Grant
  • Students receiving scholarships from outside the university or from Native American tribes or tribal scholarship organizations must obtain permission from the donor or scholarship organization to take non-Arizona classes under a consortium agreement.
  • Students awarded University Grant, Pell Pledge Grant, Arizona Promise Grant or the Arizona Native Scholars Grant, and not enrolled in at least 12 Arizona units (fall and spring) will have their award canceled on the first Pell Repackaging Date of the corresponding semester. 
  • Students awarded the Summer University Grant and not enrolled in at least 6 Arizona summer units will have their award canceled. Cancelation date and additional information can be found on our Summer Financial Aid webpage
  • For the visiting institution class(es) to be acceptable for the consortium agreement, they must be transferable and you must pass them with a “C” or better. To verify if courses have been accepted, refer to the transfer credit report on UAccess Student Center. Classes that are not successfully transferred will not count towards your academic year units. 
  • Students who are not enrolled in at least 6 Arizona units must provide a personal statement explaining why they are requesting Arizona to administer their financial aid rather than another institution. 
  • Undergraduate students are initially offered aid for the fall and spring semesters assuming full-time enrollment (12+ units). OSFA will adjust the estimated cost of attendance and aid offered to reflect less than full-time enrollment for students who are not enrolled full-time (either at Arizona or in combination with Arizona and the visiting institution listed on your Consortium agreement).
  • Audit and correspondence courses do not count and are therefore not included in the total enrollment used for financial aid purposes.
  • If you are planning to participate in a Non-Arizona sponsored Study Abroad program and wish to complete a Consortium Agreement, please contact OSFA directly. 
  • Consult with your academic advisor to determine how these units will apply to your degree program.

After your Consortium Agreement is approved by OSFA: 

  • Approved visiting institution units will be added to your Arizona record for financial aid processing. If you drop any of these units, you must notify OSFA immediately.
  • You are responsible for paying the visiting institution for the classes for which you are enrolled. Temporary loans are available if your financial aid exceeds your Arizona charges. To discuss a temporary loan, please contact OSFA.
  • The University of Arizona will award and process your financial aid for the semester in which a consortium agreement is approved. Federal financial aid cannot be received from the visiting institution. If the visiting institution has offered or you have received any federal financial aid for the semester in which the consortium agreement is approved, you must return the funds to the visiting institution immediately and notify OSFA
  • Notify OSFA of any changes in enrollment at either institution. In the event of withdrawal from any or all classes, you may be responsible for repayment of financial aid received.
  • Pell and TEACH Grant awards are directly linked to your financial need and total units enrolled. If you drop a class on or before the first session day, or if you never attend a class, you may be required to repay all or part of your grant.
  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as outlined by the University of Arizona SAP policy.
  • You are responsible for requesting that your official transcripts from the visiting institution be sent to the Arizona Office of the Registrar.
  • Units from the visiting institution transfer; the grades you earned for those units do not transfer.
  • Your financial aid may be delayed for future terms until Arizona receives official transcripts for any approved consortium agreement classes taken.