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Types of Aid: Study Abroad

Want to see more of the world? Have you always dreamed of supplementing your University of Arizona education with a study abroad program? This page has more information on how you can finance your study abroad experience.

While many Wildcats wish to enrich their education with a study abroad experience, they often have questions about how to pay for it and if they are able to utilize their financial aid. The short answer is, it depends! Different types of financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans) may be used to help cover the cost of particular study abroad programs. 

For a complete list of the types of aid that may be available, view this chart.

Generally, grants, scholarships, and loans can be used to cover study abroad expenses but it does depend on the type of program you participate in. Study abroad programs that are eligible to utilize financial aid can be viewed here.

Early Start Abroad Programs: 

Financial aid will begin to release to your student Bursars account approximately ten days before the start of the regular University of Arizona semester, regardless of when your actual study abroad program begins. Students whose program starts ahead of the regular Arizona semester schedule will not have access to their financial aid until that time. If you need aid for your study abroad expenses (including housing, airfare, meals, etc.), you will need to plan ahead for these expenses. 

For students applying to exchange programs in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or Latin America, this is especially true, as the start date of your program will likely be early and you will need to have funds available for upfront costs, such as housing, airfare, and meals. 

If you will not have personal funds available to cover upfront costs upfront while you wait for your financial aid to become available, reach out to the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid to learn more about temporary loans.

It is important to know that not all types of aid can be applied to cover your expenses, so start by determining what kinds of financial aid you are eligible for. You can view your financial aid offer in your UAccess Student Center. Then, view this chart to understand what financial aid can be applied towards an eligible study abroad program.

No, merit tuition scholarships are not available during the summer. Students may only use their merit tuition scholarship on an Arizona study abroad program for a maximum of 1 year (two consecutive semesters) during the fall and spring semesters only. Students must be meeting the renewal criteria in order to qualify and participate in a study abroad program.

We encourage you to verify the program you are considering with your study abroad coordinator, but generally, the following programs are eligible:

  • Faculty Led (excluding merit tuition scholarships)
  • Exchange
  • AZ Abroad Locations

Students who participate in an eligible study abroad program are still required to maintain a 3.00 cumulative GPA. Those receiving either direct or transfer credit from their study abroad program will have 15 units per semester waived for scholarship renewal purposes for each term(s) that they are in the program.

Yes, if the study abroad experience is an Arizona study abroad program. There is no additional funding provided, but students are able to use what would regularly be awarded to them.

Federal and institutional aid is not able to be applied towards a non-UArizona sponsored study abroad program. Students who are interested are limited to private educational loans to help cover their expenses. These program include, but are not limited to:

  • CEA
  • CIEE
  • DIS
  • Semester at Sea

Unfortunately no, QTR is not eligible to be applied towards study abroad.

There are many ways to reach our office, find the best way here. If you choose to email us, be sure to select the “Other/study abroad” category.

The best way to learn more is to visit our website, browse available programs and connect with a coordinator.