Apply for Aid: DACA or Dreamer Students

Apply for Aid: DACA or Dreamer Students

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The University of Arizona defines DACA/Dreamer Applicants as:

  • Non-US citizens currently in the United States who do not hold an immigration or student visa
  • Individuals not defined as a permanent resident, asylee, or refugee
  • Brought to the US by parents or other relatives and were under age 16 at the time of arrival
  • May or may not have filed DACA paperwork with the U.S. Government

Eligibility for Financial Aid

In November 2022, Arizona voted to support Proposition 308, which allows for qualifying, non-citizen Arizona high school graduates to receive in-state tuition at Arizona universities and community colleges, and in certain cases, also receive state-funded financial aid, including merit based, institutional tuition scholarships. As we learn more information about what types of other state-funded aid and how to apply for other aid, we will update this webpage.

Learn more about applying to the University of Arizona and find additional resources available for DACA students.

DACA/Dreamer students continue to be ineligible for Title IV Federal Financial Aid including any institutional aid that requires the submission of a valid, Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).