Enrollment History Review

Enrollment History Review

If you are a student who has been enrolled at multiple institutions, our office may be tasked by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) to complete an Unusual Enrollment History Review (UEH). Many students have legitimate reasons for their enrollment at multiple institutions. This review is meant to ensure the appropriate use of federal financial aid.  If your FAFSA is selected by the Department of Education for this review, this is required to be resolved before you can receive federal financial aid.

The Department of Education selects students who have received a Federal Pell Grant at multiple institutions during the past three academic years. OSFA is then required to review the students’ academic history prior to determining federal financial aid eligibility for that student.

Students with an unusual enrollment history will be notified by OSFA via an email sent directly to their CatMail account and a corresponding To Do List item in UAccess Student Center. Many times, students don't need to take any action and OSFA can resolve many of these reviews without the student having to do anything.

If you are selected for an Unusual Enrollment History Review, oftentimes there is no action you need to take while we complete our initial review.  If you need to take action, OSFA will add a To Do item in your To Do list on UAccess Student Center. Please be sure to keep an eye on your To Do list and your CatMail for further information. If requested, students will be required to complete and submit to OSFA an Unusual Enrollment History Verification form which can be completed by accessing your StudentForms account.

If a student must submit the Unusual Enrollment History Verification form, it must be submitted to OSFA for review via the StudentForms portal. Official transcripts, unofficial transcripts or grade reports for each institution attended must be submitted with the form. The student will also have to include a personal statement of explanation for any course taken at another institution for which no academic credit was earned. The statement can include copies of third party supporting documentation such as medical bills/doctors’ reports, military assignment, or court documentation of legal events. Additional documents or information may be requested.

The purpose of this review is for OSFA to try and determine whether the student enrolled in multiple institutions solely to obtain a credit balance/refund payment.

For students who demonstrate they earned academic credit at each of the previously attended institutions during the three prior academic years, no further action is required, and the student’s eligibility for federal student aid can be reinstated. Federal student aid eligibility will be reinstated when the enrollment history review outcome determines the student did not enroll solely to obtain a credit balance/refund payment, and the transcripts and other documentation support the student’s explanation.

Federal student aid eligibility will not be reinstated when the enrollment history review determines the documentation does not support or disprove that the student enrolled in multiple programs at multiple institutions solely to obtain a credit balance/refund payment, and the student did not earn academic credit at one or more of the prior institutions.

When federal student aid eligibility is not reinstated, the student may appeal by submitting the Unusual Enrollment History Appeal Form. You can contact our office to request this form. 

This policy is not applicable to scholarships or employee tuition benefits. Your Enrollment History Review requirement does not determine your eligibility to register for classes.