Faculty Staff: Assisting with Verification

Faculty Staff: Assisting Students with Verification

Below you will find pertinent information to help you better assist our students! Since this process entails time, documentation and possible delays in the disbursement of students’ federal financial aid, we created this helpful quick guide.  We have a full team of dedicated staff ready to answer student inquires. Please direct any students to financialaid.arizona.edu/contact for assistance.

Please note: As a result of verification, OSFA may be required to correct a student’s federal financial aid package. This corrected aid package may differ from the student’s initial financial aid offer. 

A student is flagged for verification by the Department of Education (ED) to ensure the accuracy of FAFSA information provided by the student. Please note: the student will have to complete verification at all institutions they have listed on their FAFSA.

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) is required (in most cases) to collect additional documentation from the student in order to complete this ED requirement. 

Verification must be completed before a student can receive their federal financial aid and need-based institutional grant aid that has been offered. Note that merit tuition scholarships are not impacted by verification nor are the disbursement of these funds held/delayed.

There are numerous ways a student will be contacted if they are required to complete verification:

  • At the time a student is initially selected for verification:
    • An email is sent directly to the student’s CatMail with instructions on how to proceed.
    • Additionally, an item will be on their To Do List in their Student Services Center.
  • After initial selection and communication:
    • OSFA sends a monthly reminder email to all students that have been selected for verification and have not completed their requirements.
    • The To Do List item referenced above remains incomplete and visible to the student on their Student Center To Do List.
    • Financial Aid Counselors are conducting outreach phone calls to students with more complicated requirements to ensure their understanding.

  • Students are directed to create an account on StudentForms. On this page, there is a helpful instructional video to assist students in navigating StudentForms.  This video is open for public view so anyone can familiarize themselves with this process.
  • The student will submit all required documentation online via the StudentForms portal. 
  • Login credentials for students to access StudentForms are the student’s Net ID and Password.

Within StudentForms, students will be asked to submit specific documents.  The prompts will contain information about each requirement. Examples of documents that a student might be asked to submit include (but are not limited to):

  • Student’s signed tax return (Form 1040)
  • Student’s W-2 form
  • Parent(s)’ signed tax return (Form 1040)
  • Parent(s)’ W-2 form
  • Dependent/Independent Verification Web Form
  • Signed statement
  • Utility bills
  • Leases
  • IRS transcripts
    • IRS Verification of Non-filing Letter
    • IRS Tax Return Transcript
    • IRS Wage and Income Transcript

  1. OSFA is notified the student has been selected for verification upon the receipt of the FAFSA.
    • This typically takes three to five weeks from the date in which the FAFSA was filed (and the student was admitted, if a new admit).
  2. OSFA places To Do List item on student’s account in Student Services Center.
    • This can take up to one week after the FAFSA is received by OSFA.
  3. Student creates an account in StudentForms and submits all required documentation.
    • This can happen immediately after the student has been notified by our office of the verification requirement.
  4. OSFA reviews submitted documentation and either requests additional items or removes To Do List link from Student Services Center.
    • From the time we receive all required documentation, the review may take up to 3 weeks. 
  5. Student is notified via an email from OSFA if changes to their financial aid offer occur based on any corrections made to their FAFSA during verification. Changes to a student’s aid can be reviewed directly in Student Center.

Where can I find additional information about Verification and StudentForms?

You can review helpful FAQ’s regarding both of these topics on our FAQ page.