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What are the steps to receive aid if I am studying abroad?

Visit the Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange web page ( for further information.
If you decide to study abroad, a Study Abroad Financial Aid Worksheet needs to be completed and turned in to Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for review. The form can be found at Scholarships and Financial Aid Forms.

Can non-degree seeking students qualify for financial aid?

No, unless you are a graduate student. If you are a graduate student, taking undergraduate courses in order to be accepted in your graduate college, you must file a Non-Degree Seeking Appeal Form. This form can be downloaded from our web page at Scholarships and Financial Aid Forms. If approved, you will be awarded as a fifth year undergraduate.

Can I qualify for financial aid as a second degree seeker?

As a second degree seeker, you are only eligible for loans.

Do continuing education students qualify for financial aid?

No, you must be admitted as a regular student to a degree-seeking program or be seeking teacher certification in order to qualify for financial aid. There are certain exceptions for students who are taking pre-requisite courses for admission into graduate or professional school. Students who wish to take pre-requisites should check with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Services to see if they qualify for financial aid.

If I am taking distance learning courses, do I qualify for financial aid?

Generally, no. Students cannot receive aid for distance learning courses. There are some web-based courses that are eligible. Please contact the Registrar’s Office at 520.626.3113 to see if the course you are interested in is eligible.

If I am completing a Certificate Program, am I eligible for Federal Financial Aid?

If you are getting a degree along with the certificate, you are eligible for financial aid. If you are only pursuing a certificate, you are not eligible for Title IV aid under our current agreement with the US Department of Education.

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