Earn to Learn

Earn to Learn

Earn to Learn is a need-based scholarship program that teaches financial literacy, and rewards students and families who are committed to saving money to attend the University of Arizona with $4,000 of matching scholarship funding.

Information below is for the current, Fall 2023/Spring 2024 academic year. Please return back to this page for updated information for the Fall 2024/Spring 2025 academic year. 

Utilizing special matching savings accounts (called Individual Development Accounts or IDAs), qualifying students who make deposits for at least 6 months and meet their $500 savings goal prior to attending the University of Arizona will earn $4,000 in matching funds to pay for tuition, books, and other university related expenses. The matching scholarship is renewable for up to three years depending upon on-going funding as long students remain eligible, which includes continuous enrollment at one of the three in-state universities, continued financial literacy and, continued saving of $500 each year.

Additionally, the program utilizes one-on-one coaching for students which includes personal finance training, college readiness training, and ongoing support from the very first day of attending Arizona all the way through graduation. The use of IDA’s in conjunction with one-on-one coaching has been proven as a way to help individuals and families develop productive financial behaviors that increase the likelihood of program participants to finish college with a degree and less debt.

Eligibility Requirements

This renewable scholarship opportunity is available for community college transfers students and specific first-year students meeting all the combined Earn to Learn program requirements and the additional, University of Arizona requirements listed below:

The University of Arizona will consider the following students for the program:

  • Must be accepted into the Earn to Learn Program
  • Income
    • Pell Eligible as demonstrated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Student can submit the Student Aid Report (SAR) to Earn to Learn
  • You can complete the FAFSA beginning October 1st. The University of Arizona encourages you to estimate tax information on your FAFSA, if necessary, to ensure that you are an on-time applicant.  You must list Arizona as a destination school (code 001083)
  • FAFSA-eligible US Resident or Citizen
    • FAFSA must be on file with the university at the time of awarding
  • Arizona Resident for tuition purposes
    • Based on Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) policy
  • Attend Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University or The University of Arizona
    • Available for use at any campus location in Arizona (in person).
    • This scholarship is not available for use in Arizona Online programs.
  • Must be admitted as an Undergraduate degree-seeking Transfer student
  • Must be transferring from an Arizona two-year community college
  • Academics
    • Meet admission criteria based on ABOR policy
    • Complete 36 transferable credit hours at time of transfer
    • Enroll as full-time student at one of the three in-state universities; no consortium agreements. 
  • Age
    • No age requirement

Additional Information

  • The $4,500 may be applied toward University of Arizona tuition and other approved university expenses only.
  • Students must apply for entrance and be accepted into the University of Arizona prior to being offered the scholarship.
  • Completing a FAFSA application is required for this program. Students must be eligible to receive federal financial aid for the semester in which they plan to attend Arizona.
    • Complete the FAFSA by the April 1st priority deadline. 
    • IMPORTANT You must list Arizona as a destination school (code 001083)
    • FAFSA EFC must be less than $6,000 and be eligible to receive federal financial aid
    • How to Correct/Update your FAFSA
  • First-year students enrolled with the Fostering Success Program or Youth on Their Own (YOTO) Program are also encouraged to apply for the Earn to Learn program.

Participants must also meet the Earn to Learn program's minimum eligibility and program requirements.

  • Meet Earn to Learn application and financial literacy deadlines
  • Use matched-savings accounts
  • Make deposits for six months
  • Meet savings goal of $500 before attending one of the three in-state universities

To learn more about these requirements, visit EarntoLearn.org.