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Private Educational Loan Self-Certification Instructions

The US Congress recently mandated that private loan lenders require borrowers to complete an Applicant Self-Certification form when requesting any private educational loans. Do not submit your self-certification form to this office as UA can not complete this form for you.

The following section of the form must be completed from your latest financial aid award notice on your UAccess. If you have not been awarded, then click here.

Section 3: Cost of Attendance and Estimated Financial Assistance, Applicant Signature

A. Student‘s cost of attendance for the period of enrollment covered by the loan ______________________
B. Estimated financial assistance ______________________


How can you find this information?

Access your UAccess at:

  1. Find and Click “Financial” in the top blue tool bar on the right hand side of screen
  2. Click on “Financial Aid” in the center screen
  3. Find and Click “Financial Aid Award Letters”
  4. Must match the correct academic award year with the loan period.
  5. Click “View” to see the latest award letter
  6. Click the most recent award letter.
  7. Line A : The Cost of Attendance is the Total of Tuition/Fees, Room/Meals, Books/Supplies, and Transportation and Miscellaneous budget items.
  8. Line B: The Estimated Financial Aid is the Total of all your Financial Aid including any loans that you see already on your financial aid.

Reminder: You must sign the form and send to your lender. Always check to see if you can E-Sign this form on your lender’s web site

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