Types of Aid: Arizona Flinn Scholars

Arizona Flinn Scholars

The Flinn Scholarship Program, sponsored by the Flinn Foundation, is a highly competitive, merit-based scholarship opportunity to exceptional Arizona resident undergraduate students who enrolling at any of the three state universities upon graduation from high school. For more information about the program and eligibility criteria, please visit the Flinn Foundation website.  Flinn Semi-Finalists and Designated Scholars who choose to attend Arizona are offered the competitive award package described below.

Flinn Semi-Finalists

Flinn Semi-Finalists are eligible to receive the Flinn Semi-Finalist Tuition Scholarship for $15,000 per year. This award is available for a total of 4 years (8 semesters) of consecutive enrollment. This award cannot be combined with the Wildcat Tuition Award, National Scholar Tuition Award, or the National Merit Semi-Finalist Tuition Award. The student will receive the award with the highest value. Students can keep the Flinn Semi-Finalist award if they ultimately achieve the Designated Flinn Scholar status.

For more information about the Flinn Semi-Finalist Tuition Scholarship, visit our terms and conditions for the applicable starting aid year. Students from prior to the Fall 2021 cohort are not eligible for this award and are encouraged to review their applicable terms and conditions for more information. 

Flinn Designated Scholars

Flinn Designated Scholars are eligible to keep the Flinn Semi-Finalist Tuition Scholarship of $15,000 per year (or the Wildcat Tuition Award, National Scholar Tuition Award, or National Merit Semi-Finalist Tuition Award, whichever has the higher value) as long as students remain a Designated Scholar with the Flinn Foundation or until they complete their undergraduate degree.

Designated Scholars also receive Flinn Foundation funding in the amount of $16,500 per year as long as students maintain their renewal eligibility of completing 12 units per semester and maintaining a 3.20 cumulative GPA.

Flinn Designated Scholars cannot combine this award with the Baird Scholarship

Example Flinn Designated Scholar Award Package



Flinn Semi-Finalist Tuition Scholarship


Flinn Foundation Scholarship


Total (per year)


For more information about the Arizona Flinn Semi-Finalist Tuition Scholarship, please visit our terms and conditions for the applicable starting aid year.